Monday, April 2, 2012

random studio shots

I just charged my camera and then took some random shots in my studio. I only took pictures of the clean areas as I wouldn't want to shock you...

I like to create little 'vignettes' using cigar boxes.
I remove the lids and turn them on their side.
one of my printers tray on the wall
I love my "Nerve Food" jar. I picked that up at an antique store several years ago. I keep Silver German Glass Glitter in it. The jar next to it is also clear glass glitter. That jar is also old.


Cynthia said...

I doubt the "non-clean" areas would shock any of us! ;-) You should see MY studio!! LOL! Love yours!! That Nerve Food jar is way awesome!!

dosankodebbie said...

Awesome jars. I only have a corner of the dining room for my "studio," but you've inspired me to put up some stimulating wall displays. Now where can I find me some miniature skulls and skeletons? ;p

Elaine A said...


I love your littel displays! I love all the little things you have stored in them. And as for only showing you the clean areas, sweetie - I can't find a clean area in my studio! Huge mess, barely able to move around in it - sad, I know. Cleaned my entire house this weekend except for the studio - LOL!