Thursday, June 28, 2012

Isn't this the truth?

I remember when I was a small girl my grandmother telling me that when she looked into the mirror and saw the 'old woman' looking back, that she FELT like she was a much younger that now resonate with me. My grandmother, sadly, is gone now. But her words live inside of me.

In this journal page above, the old woman is from a magazine. I don't know her. But the little girl? That is my grandmother when she was a little girl. I love this photo of her. I use it a lot in my collage work.

My grandmother influences my family still today. We will soon be heading to the beach, as we have done my entire life. My adult children will be renting the same house that she found and rented starting in 1947, after WWII and before I was born. Our family has rented this same home at the beach (Bethany Beach, DE), ever  since. This is the 5th generation and many years later and the home still stands and we still go. Each time I am at the beach my heart goes to that place where my grandmother is holding my hand by the waters edge and telling me all about life. What a wonderful memory. The memories run thick for me in this little Beach Town call Bethany Beach. But now I am the grandmother and I will take my own granddaughter by the hand, stand by the waters edge, and tell HER all about life. What a blessing.

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Kitten said...

What great memories of your Grandmother...and synchronicity in you now taking your Granddaughter by the hand at the water's edge. Enjoy your trip to the beach...building happy memories each day.