Monday, August 13, 2012

From this to that

This morning has been spent cleaning. Not house cleaning- computer cleaning. Old files. Delete, delete, delete...
While cleaning, I came upon lots of old art. In particular, these two images:

This is how an idea is born. I first made the above ATC several years ago. It made me smile as I was in the throws of the emotional roller coaster and hot flashes of the blessed menopause. (My art usually does reflect my inner world somehow.) But I digress...the ATC stayed with me. Several years later when I started making my assemblage dolls (the first being Cinderella and Prince Charming), I then made my Menopause Queen. She is my best selling assemblage doll. Each one I make is unique but with the same theme. She will have a different crown, different jewelry and such, but her essence hearkens back to my original ATC. This original ATC was a digital piece. Then I made several paper pieces and then it evolved to the doll.  This is how the artistic process works for me. I think I love the process almost as much as the art itself. It is that process that engages me piques my interest.Part of that process is the "HUNT". And that is even more fun than the actual art making at times. I love the 'hunt'. Or should i call it the ART of THE HUNT. It is an art for sure!

Anyway, while cleaning my files today I thought of all of this and wanted to share with you, the cyber world of the Internet where I claim my tiny little space called my blog.

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Lauri said...

I'm glad to see I'm not the only one who hunts and pecks thru various items before getting into the working of a piece of art ~ Thanks for sharing ~