Thursday, October 25, 2012

a walk by the sea

a walk by the sea
4" x 6" mixed media collage
I made this today. It's a nod to artist Dan Casado's quirky style.I did a lot of Walking by the Sea on my vacation at Edisto Island, SC.

Under the paint and collage there is a line of type I glued down to start this:"a walk by the sea"...and so this is what came of it...It's also mail art, as I will mail this to my latest postcrossing person to whom I was assigned.


dosankodebbie said...

What a lucky postcrosser! Do you ever get frustrated with the number of postcrossers who write "no handmade postcards" on their profiles? Or do you send your artwork anyway?

Elizabeth Parsons said...

well, I am just glad that they SAY no hand made postcards so i dont waste a good hand made card on someone who doesn't want it!!!