Friday, November 30, 2012

Pierrot or Peridot ??

I am reposting this, because I completely changed it- I wasn't happy with my first go-round...

Last year I started drawing faces and trying to incorporate them into collages ala Ann Bagby...this is my second attempt. I drew the face first. (yes, I know the lips are crooked, sort of like that imperfection). Then I scanned my drawing and resized it and then printed it out. I then made the background in my art journal (love the Strathmore Mixed Media journal books- they take lots of abuse!!) 

When I went to stamp the clowns name, I found two spellings. Now, if it were 1 pm instead of 1 am, I might of picked what I believe to be the correct spelling: Pierrot, but at 1am in the morning, after a day watching my 11 month old granddaughter, Peridot looked just fine...ah well...

The diamonds and head are collaged. the rest is acrylic painting and stamping. size is about 5x8.

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