Friday, December 7, 2012

acrylic painting - making ancient and old

Lately I've really been enjoying experimenting with acrylics. I have a wonderful Strathmore Mixed Media journal that is 5" x 8", just the right size for experiments. Not a big commitment in time or size!

Anyway, I've been playing. Here is a page that I really love how it turned out. I tried to make an ancient looking piece. The first two images are close up of the last image, which is the entire page. Acrylics are pretty amazing and the vintage grunge one can achieve is so much fun!! It takes layers and layers of glazing. I used a crackle medium on top and then rubbed in burnt umber to really age it.

I am happy with it. I am thinking of a trying a large piece in the new year and am just now experimenting on how the back ground will look...I know I want an ancient looking background...more to come...

 close up - check out the crackling- love that!
CLICK for close ups
another close up- old and coppery
full page of 'ancient' effect

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