Wednesday, February 6, 2013

pastel painting

pastel painting of
a night sky of a place I would like to be...

In May I am flying to France to spend 2 weeks doing plein air painting in pastels. So I'm playing around with a very inexpensive set of soft pastels I bought some time ago. I have not done alot of pastel painting. I did purchase some pan pastels and did some work with them, but I won't be bringing them to France, as I am not sure they will travel well. I'll purchase a set of landscape soft pastels for my trip, and better than the ones I currently own.

This is a picture I started last night and just finished. I made it up in my head and did not have a reference...I was focused on the clouds so I left the water rather undone.


Rhissanna said...
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Rhissanna said...

This is really lovely! I used to live by the sea and I really miss this kind of thing. Very evocative.