Friday, May 3, 2013

she likes shiny things...

I've been experimenting with glimmer mist. I have all kinds of colors- I managed to get a whole bunch of bottles of it at 70% off (!!!) from a local store. I also made a few bottles. I also used Luminere paint and mica flakes- basically anything shiny.

The flowers are from paper that has all kinds of spray colors on it. I use the paper as a background for anything I am spraying and then I use the paper when it's all colored. I made the flowers using a punch, dies and that colored paper. The bird has mica flakes on it. I also die cut a small sheet of mica into leaves- you can see them if you look closely.

The background is embossing paste that i applied using a stencil of bricks. I also added cheese cloth for texture. All in all, I think it turned out nice.

...and the mess


Elaine A said...

Hi Elizabeth,

These turned out great, nothing like a little bling - lol! But, you didn't let me know about the glittery goodness on sale?! Ha, and I thought we were friends - :)


bisma shoot said...

Great experiment, takes precision and patience