Thursday, July 25, 2013

mushrooms watercolor painting

My granddaughter has been visiting me this week and we spent a couple of days painting together. (how nice is that!?!) She is almost 13. We sat at one table on opposite ends and shared the paints and brushes and talked and painted...had a wonderful time.  Back in May we spent a week together in the south of France where we also painted.

She took her paintings with her when she left today before I got to photograph them. I painted an ATC of mushrooms on illustration board. I love painting on illustration board- I love how watercolors behave on it. Very different than watercolor paper.

 ATC Mushrooms
I want to do a fairy landscape painting- and that's why I chose mushrooms- to practice on a back ground and the actual mushrooms. I think all fairy lands have mushrooms...they are so useful to fairies, if you ask me...


Sadami said...

Hi, Elizabeth,
Wow!! So beautiful painting like a children picture book illo. Also, I like your post and agree with "fairy lands & mushrooms." I believe so without doubt!
Best wishes, Sadami

Elizabeth Parsons said...

Thanks! Long live the fairies!

Anonymous said...

That is absolutely delightful:) Great work!