Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Edisto Marsh # 2

Edisto Marsh # 2
late afternoon on Edisto Island 
5x7 pastel on paper

This is # 2 painting of same photo reference. I changed the colors to be a very late afternoon. I am having trouble with distant values. Not sure what to do yet about that...I think the idea of repainting same reference photo is great...it makes me think about the actual process more...asking myself questions about value, tone etc. I also rearranged my pastels to a more traditional set up - light to dark. My small cigar box full of pastels...I can see how this can grow and grow and grow...it's like looking at a candy box. 

I used the back side of the paper-not sure I like it- it has a pattern all over it for texture. I like the idea but the pattern is too regular. I think I'll stick to the smooth side of the Mi-Tients paper.

...and talk about eye candy...

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