Monday, November 25, 2013

steampunmk, gears, metal

Not sure why I love the metal-steampunk-gear-vintage look, but I do- I love all things industrial looking too. So I've been having fun turning paper and card stock into metal looking gears and gadgets. I saw this very cool 'thing' on You Tube and then had to make it. It's called a telescoping card- taking three circles and making it interactive. The one I saw had the gears/metal thing going, so it inspired me to make one too. I love how it turned out. I have no idea what it is for. It doesn't 'do' anything, except make me smile, and I guess that's the point of it! 


These first pictures are of the gears before I put it together. I love how they look like metal. I used Gilders paste on the paper and chip board to give the paper a real metal look and feel- with patina and rust too. I also used Distress Embossing powder in Vintage Photo for more rust. I used both dies and embossing folders. Then I put it all together to make this:
close up of **it**
 this is the card closed- the nut is the handle used to open it.
This is the card open- it actually works- like a cog wheel- the middle cog will go round and round when you move the card with the nut. Like I said, this has no purpose other than it makes me smile.

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Elaine A said...

This turned out awesome Elizabeth! I wish I had been there to play, soon, I hope - LOL!