Tuesday, May 6, 2014

it's been awhile

I am sort of on hiatus. I do this every now and then...to fill the well... I find I need to just stop for awhile and regenerate. Having been a designer who HAD to create when I had no love or mood to do so, it is a real blessing and a luxury that I can honor this time off!  I've been reading good books, reading art magazines, watching movies, cooking meals...just not any real art or craft these days.

This is an old acrylic painting with collage I made a few years ago. I love how the rooster looks exhausted, being unable to sleep because of his worry. It just makes me smile. I did a small series of acrylic birds with collaged. I love the look and they are great fun!

Worried Mr. Capon

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Ophelia said...

Gorgeous collage!!