Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Allow it. in

Sometimes I have a hard time letting in the positive affirmations I get along the way.

This is a collage I did last week after I heard the news that
Nick Bantock had selected my art for the cover of Indie Arts: DVD Magazine. At first I was stunned, thrilled and oh so happy!

...but then my ever present inner critic started to make some of the usual comments...so I made this "NickBantock-esque" collage to quiet my inner critic. The dragonfly represents regeneration and activity, both of which are currently in my art world.

The DVD magazine is due out 1 October 2007. :) woo-hoo!!!


Carol Rose Parker said...

This is a fantastic dragonfly collage! Congratulations on having your art picked by Nick Bantock for the DVD Magazine. What a thrill! I guess that inner-critic is something that most artists always have. I've been told it's a GOOD thing because it keeps us from becoming stagnant. Your dragonfly proves it!

And I want to thank you for the positive comments on my IF:Visitors entry. It's always good to hear positive feedback from other artists!

&rew said...

Congratulations, Elizabeth!!! Way to go!


thealteredpage said...

Congrats on getting the cover! This collage is beautiful. The background and the image of the dragonfly are amazing. Seth

Doe Grozs Art said...

Congratulations on the cover. I'm so glad I resubscribed!