Friday, December 7, 2007

Brown paper bag altered books

This collage was created as part of an altered book I sold on eBay.
The book was made from ordinary brown paper bags.
I've sold many of these themed altered paper bag books.
Most were custom orders- and I was given a theme- I love that creative challenge!
People really respond to them, maybe because of childhood memories paper bags elicit.
When I see a brown paper bag, I am thrown back to my childhood and PB&J.
I am thrown back to a simpler time in my life.
The important things back then:
I got to watch the Flintstones on TV.
Mom made my favorite for dinner- mac & cheese.
I qualified to be able to swim out to the big raft, in water over my head.
Now that was something!



I love those memories....I remember finally getting the courage to JUMP off the raft !! And the collage is lovely....

Judy said...

I love your work. Yes, the brown paper bags do bring back memories.