Wednesday, December 5, 2007

watercolor painting this week

I was trying a new (to me) technique of laying down a wash for the backgrounds. Usually a wash is laid down with sweeping strokes and a large brush, using lots of water. I bought and watched a DVD , Tuscan Textures: Rich Textures Using Salt by Judy Morris. She uses a different approach for washes. I think I'll do this painting a few more times to work on her technique. The DVD is more about using salt to create wonderful texture in watercolor, but I found her way of laying down a wash very interesting. I highly recommend this DVD!

The pears are OK. I like the shadows turned out on the pears. I often paint pears ~ not sure why. This summer we bought beautiful pears all summer long from our local orchard. I took a bunch of photos one day to use for painting on a beautiful sunny day.

I'll be honest, it is hard for me to post a painting that is not really good- but that's growth for me. Like I've said many times, I have to be willing to be a bad artist in order to become a good one. nuff said!


Art With Moxie said...

very well done...the texture, shadows, and highlights are great.
Keep doing watercolors.


&rew said...

Oh come on, eBeth, that painting is not OK but GREAT! Keep on painting. &rew