Friday, February 29, 2008

Fibonacci numbers

I am fascinated by the Fibonacci numbers. They are not random and they are represented in all kinds of seemingly non-related ways, such as pine cones, suspension bridges and spider webs, to name a few. I made this collage to represent the first few numbers in the never ending sequence of these amazing numbers.

Many plants show the Fibonacci numbers in the arrangement of the leaves around the stem. Some pine cones and fir cones also show the numbers, as do daisies and sunflowers. Sunflowers can contain the number 89, or even 144. Many other plants, such as succulents, also show the numbers. Some coniferous trees show these numbers in the bumps on their trunks. And palm trees show the numbers in the rings on their trunks.

Math meets science meets art meets agriculture meets architecture. They are all related by Fibonacci numbers! How cool is that?

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Sage said...

Thank you for checking out my site after finding my link in The Park Wife's comments. Your collages are beautiful! I will return often to check out your's lovely. And I hope your granddaughter is feeling better...if not, watch some more Little House movies! ~marge~