Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I can't find my MUSE...

I posted a poem yesterday about meeting our muse - as a reminder to myself to be open to creativity. I am in an artistic funk- I **know** this will pass - but when I am in it, it feels like it is forever...a somewhat desperate feeling for an artist, if you ask me.

I had the day off from work today and went into my studio to create. I tried. I really tried. But it was forced. When it flows, ideas come and I create. It’s a wonderful ‘take me away’ place or zone when I am in that flow. But times like today, in that dry place, it does not work. When it flows, it fills my cup. But when it’s forced, it depletes me, saps my energy. And it shows in the art.

Being a staff designer for a pharmaceutical company in my day job- I have to produce, no matter what. No one waits for my muse to enter my soul at work! I am expected to design, create and produce- in the mood or not, and preferably before deadline. I think that’s why I won’t force myself in my studio when it comes to my art at. I get enough of that in the office.

Also, what comes with the dry spell, is that I also feel overwhelmed WITH ALL THE STUFF IN MY STUDIO. I can't seem to focus in on ONE PROCESS or ONE PRODUCT or ONE TECHNIQUE. I pick up mica pieces and think of making something with it. Then it's on to the Angelina fiber - or watercolors - or collage - or vintage ephemera or tissue paper or ATC's or maybe an art journal – or there's always one of my altered books to work on...and on and on and on it goes...and in the end...I end up not doing much at all.

So I painted backgrounds. I took one of my altered books and glued pages together and then painted pages with black gesso. I also prepared playing cards to use as ATC’s by painting the surface with gesso. That is about all I can do in these dry times.

Note to self: this will pass. You will create again. The block will lift and the flow will return.

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Susan said...

This happens to me wehen it comes to writing. I have to be be inspired in order to write - that's why my blog entries have such large gaps in post dates.