Sunday, February 24, 2008

Photo Shop tricks

1. This is the original piece. It is a collage that I made using paper, tissue, acrylic paints and ephemera. I then scanned it in. So this is 'as is'.

2. In this sample I used the watercolor effect and played with the brush size until I found what I liked.
3. This is the original piece that I applied 'desaturate' to. It made it a greyscale image.

4. In this one, I altered the color using 'hue and saturation'.

5. And finally, I applied a filter on this one- glowing edges.

Each piece has such a different look and feel, yet all come from the same original piece. How amazing is that? There is just not enough time in a day to dive into the depths of what can be done in Photo Shop!


robinegg12 said...

very cool, eBeth! Thank you.

Elizabeth Parsons said...

thanks Robin! Do you use Photoshop?