Sunday, March 9, 2008


I love cupcakes! They remind me of childhood, parties and love. They are just fun!

My sister and I are making a basket full of cupcake goodies as a donation for a fundraiser for a private school in Virginia called the PHILLIPS School. The basket will have all things cupcake - baking pans, cookbook on cupcakes, decorating tools, all the fun things of cupcake land...yumm...

I think it is a great idea as a donation! My sister always has these great ideas- she is the idea person of my family. She just has a knack for generating great ideas!

The picture above will be used to make cupcake greeting cards. They will have envelopes and will be tied up with a frilly bow. I painted this with acrylics. I am also making one (or two if I have time), small cupcake mixed media pieces that will go on the basket. I’ll post it (those) when finished. I am making them in the style of Lisa Kaus. I love her funky chunky artwork! I thought it would be fun to make the cupcake art in her style.

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Cami said...

Love Lisa... You've got her style down pat. Love your take!