Thursday, March 6, 2008

ephemera from eBay

This is ephemera I purchased on eBay- its French- and what is so cool- the name on this bill/receipt is "Monsieur Casanova"! It's not the famous Casanova, who was from Venice and lived in the 1700's, but still very cool, don't you think?

I love eBay. I love the ability to shop like I am at a flea market, but the flea market is the entire world. Who would have thought one generation ago that we would be able to shop worldwide from small businesses all over the world?

And to sell on eBay is the same. I have sold my art to buyers in France, Canada and all over the US. Being a tiny business, it amazes me to have that kind of exposure!

Lately eBay has been getting some bad press. I guess some people are upset that they raised some of their fees. They also lowered some fees, but I don’t hear too much about that. Not that I am thrilled when prices go up, but I too have had to raise my own prices on occasion, so I can understand the need to occasionally raise prices.

I have roamed around Etsy, have not bought or sold there yet. I did set up a store, but have not listed anything. I have had very good luck on eBay to date. Maybe down the road I’ll try selling on Etsy.

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