Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I've been tagged!

I forgive you &drew!
(He tagged me).

the rules are:
1. You must share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
2. You then tag 7 people and at the end of the post you provide links to their blogs.
3. Lastly, let them know they are being tagged.

so here goes:

1. My first art award was in the 2nd grade. I won my pick of a book in the annual school book fair for my entry of a bookmark that won for my grade. I still remember the thrill of pouring over all of the books to decide which one I wanted! I picked a giant book of crafts.

2. I was deaf as a child, but had an operation that restored my hearing on my 10th birthday.

3. My grandfather served as the assistant Attorney General of the United States under Woodrow Wilson.

4. I remember feeling very dumb and very frustrated with math around the 2rd grade. I kept failing the book tests and my homework was always all wrong, but I was able to do the math correctly up at the black board, which my teacher thought was odd. On a hunch, the teacher checked my text book- I had a different version of the text book than the rest of the class - same company, same cover, same pages, but all the math problems were completely different in my book!

5. I was the first female to ever take woodshop in my high school. The teacher was all for my taking the class- it was the administration that didn’t think it was ‘appropriate’ for a girl to take woodshop (early 70’s). I made a carrying box for my art supplies and got an A!

6. When kids, my brother and I lost a 2’ snake in our house for several weeks. We didn’t tell anyone because we knew we would get in big trouble for losing a snake in the house. My mom found the snake; she moved the couch to vacuum behind it and there lay the snake. I can still remember her scream!

7. In high school I was hired to pick fiddleheads in the forest, which were then sold at a farm market. I was paid by the bag full.

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