Friday, July 18, 2008

daily paintng - sunrise (or sunset)

I painted this on vacation. It's a sunrise using a monochromatic color scheme. I didn't actually SEE the SUNRISE as I tend to sleep in on vacation. Now, if I lived on the west coast, this would be a SUNSET and I can safely say that I would be awake for it! :-)

I have the most beautiful medieval leather journal that my dear husband gave me one Christmas. I always take it with me to paint when I am away from home. It has the most gorgeous paper in it- the nicest watercolor paper I have ever had the pleasure to use. It is thick and creamy and doesn't buckle when it's wet. It takes rubbing, scrubbing and general misuse and it still looks is Italian Amalfi paper...all I can say is, thank you sweetie for this amazing journal!

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well done !! well done !!