Monday, July 21, 2008

cleaning my studio - no art making

Since I got home from my summer vacation I've have not made any art. I am taking a break and 'filling the well', so to speak. After a long run of painting almost daily, I find I need to stop.

So I've been cleaning my studio. Dust had an amazing way of getting into everything! I love cleaning/organizing my studio- I discover things I had forgotten about- either art supplies I bought and forgot about or some cool trinket I picked up at an antique shop.

During these times of rest, I like to go back and look at my old journal entries. I often find inspiration from this. I have an 'idea' journal that I use to jot down ideas, thoughts and to keep samples of art from other artists who's style I like. Last night I stayed up late and went through my idea journal page by page, looking, remembering, thinking. I guess it is part of my 'well filling'.

I wonder how other artists fill their well- what do you do to rest and regroup? I would love to hear from other artists about your own personal well-filling process.

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