Thursday, July 24, 2008

puttin' on the glitz

This past Tuesday I went roaming through the isles at my local Pearl Paint. Every now and then I do this- to see what's new, what going on in the art/craft world. It's a great way to see trends too. One thing I noticed- my Pearl Paint has removed the rubber stamp isle and has replaced the area with BEADS. Beads are huge right now. Not that rubber stamping is not- I think the trend shown here is that most crafters are now purchasing rubber stamps online. Anyway, I digress-

One neat little item I found: Something called 'Star Dust". It comes in many colors and I had to buy (at least) one to take home and play with it. It cost under $2.00 for a small container. I love adding a little bit of glitz to some of my collage work. I bought this pale pink star dust. It is simply a mix of different glitters in different sizes and shapes pre-mixed. From tiny specs to stars. I used some on this dragonfly print of a collage I made recently. I may of gone over board a little bit on this one, but hey, can one have too much glitter?

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you did not go overboard...I think he looks radiant !!!