Tuesday, July 22, 2008

faux metal

After I finished cleaning my studio yesterday (well- enough to be satisfied), I started to mess around with creating faux metal that has an a patina on it. Like old copper that has that wonderful green-blue tinge to it. I used acrylic paints and painted on several different types of surfaces:

paper tags (one smooth and one crumpled up first) I like the crumpled one best.

polymer clay sun

small tin

wood heart

plastic slide mount

First I used white gesso on each surface. (Next time I'll try black gesso and see if it is better/worse/same. )I used 3 different colors of acrylic paint and a natural sponge. I sponged on one color at a time and allowed each one to dry before I went on to the next color. I like the results.

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this is really neat....I think the sun looks so very metallic, you could have fooled me...great technique !!