Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our artistic Muse...

"Faery Muse" watercolor by Linda Ravenscroft

Art enables us to find ourselves
and lose ourselves at the same time. ~ Thomas Merton

I have realized something about myself recently. I was looking back at my blog and art journals. (It's OK to look back as long as I don't get stuck there!) Anyway...what I realized is that each time I enter into that terrible place where my art is forced - where I can't seem to create...where I can't find my muse...that fallow time is then followed by an intense time of art making.

Each time I wrote about my loss of creative juice and about my well being empty...I then entered into that wonderful place where the art just comes and I can paint and paint and paint...or collage or whatever...I think that is the ebb and the flow of creativity...I am learning to honor not force it. In February I wrote that I simply had nothing inside of me artistically...and I had that terrible fear that it would last forever...then came a time of almost daily watercolor painting that lasted from March through July!

Currently I am in a middling place...not intense and not dried's an OK place. Sort of a resting place...or ad idling place...I find myself reading more at these times.

Isn't it interesting how it all works?
(In the office I have to create on demand...I have no choice. I do package and label design and I can't sit around and wait for my muse to come knocking...I am not so sure that would go over well with the suits...ha-ha!)

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Karen Mowrey said...

I always let myself go with the flow, this summer it has been simple and whimsical and now there is a desire to go with more intense creating. My problem is when I have some nice time to work and no clue what to do...hate "wasting" precious creative time.

"suits" should have a swap day and try it any profession