Sunday, August 31, 2008

Prince Charming assemblage doll

May I introduce to you Prince Charming!
He is the companion to Cinderella.
He also hangs on the wall as an art piece!
This is my second doll assemblage. First I made Cinderella and then decided she needed her Prince Charming.

He has his crown on and is all dressed for the ball. As princes are usually somewhat military, Prince Charming has epaulets on his shoulders and is wearing a dress sash, very dashing!

His body is a collaged block of wood using words and vintage paper. His head and arms are antique German doll parts I acquired from Germany- they were dug up around an abandoned doll factory!! His legs are hand made by me of polymer clay. I also made his crown- full of gold balls and blue micro beads. His uniform has blue glitter for that touch of bling!
(click on pictures see larger)

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Judy Streger said...

I've been enjoying your blog and loving the dolls you are making. I must say, however, that Prince Charming's sash looks rather phallic to me. LOL