Wednesday, September 17, 2008

floor refinishing is so much more than floor refinishing!

why didn't we do this sooner is the question I keep asking myself! The floors look beautiful and the floor guy isn't even finished!

At the moment we are living like gypsy's. We are having our parquet floors refinished in our kitchen and dining room. So all of the furniture from those two rooms is in our living room. We have no table set up, except for our table out on the deck, but we can't get to it because the deck is off the kitchen...but the floors are looking beautiful! Tomorrow morning the floor guy returns to put on the sealer and buff and we should be all done. Of course now I am looking at the kitchen counters and thinking they have to go...

The floors are only about 10 years old, but they were looking kinda shabby in the kitchen.

that's what I mean when I say it much more than floor refinishing. Not only do I want to now replace my counter tops, but I also want to purge! I have so much 'stuff'...most of it is family stuff...beautiful old china and crystal, but there is so much! I can't wait until my daughters are settled in their homes with dining rooms and they can take most, if not all of the family treasures. I was thrilled when my grandmothers and mother gave me these things over many years, but now I am ready to pass them on. Both of my daughters live in small apartments and cant take the things YET. So, I will lovingly wash it all and put it all back in my hutch for now.

And then get the carpets cleaned to go with my shiny new floors! And then that will bring me to getting the couches and chairs steam cleaned in the living room- see what I mean?? It's so much more than 'just getting the floors refinished!"

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It all starts today... said...

They look absolutely lovely!!!