Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Internet connections

One thing I love about the Internet that I had not anticipated are the online relationships that are forged along the way. Recently I 'met' Kathy E. online. She purchased some Frozen Charlotte dolls from my etsy shop. We started emailing back and forth. Learned we have a lot in common, except I am in NY and she in in California.

Yesterday I received a surprise package from Kathy- this delightful star that she made! With her permission I am posting it today on my blog. I think it so sweet! Vintage papers, old photo, crepe paper, glitter and tinsel...what more could you want? Thank you Kathy!

She also included an adorable hand drawn and painted ATC that I'll post on another day.
Connection are made- relationships grow...I believe we meet people for reasons that go beyond our understanding. Certain people come into our lives. Mine is not to question why, but to be open to the possibilities!

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Kathy2eggs said...

Thank you so much for your lovely compliments. I feel we are soul sisters. Enjoy!! Kathy