Tuesday, November 25, 2008

time to defrost the turkey...

Years past we had lots of people over for Thanksgiving. I always had trouble fitting the huge turkey in the roasting pan. Our Holiday get-togethers are smaller now. This year may be the smallest yet- just four of us! My one daughter and her family will not be coming here this year (have to share the children when they grow up).

My other daughter and boyfriend will join us. I decided to just do a turkey breast so we would not be eating turkey until Christmas. I usually cook way too much of the fixins', but I can't seem to pare that down!

Anyway...tomorrow starts the meal- defrost turkey, start pies (or buy pies), and do some cleaning.

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kathy2eggs said...

Sadly I know what you mean, we are sharing the granddaughter with the other side of the family. She's in Texas, so we'll just have the sons. However, that means I'll get a jump start on the tree decorating!!