Tuesday, December 2, 2008

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...(sing along time)

I am having fun making small collages- 3" x 3". I'll be mounting them on blank cards to make Christmas cards. I try to tell a story in each collage - this one is the little girl- all excited about Santa Claus and Santa is busy in his shop making toys.

Do you remember that excited feeling as a child? I do! I remember pouring over the Sears Christmas catalog and making obscene lists of all the things I wanted. First round was everything, even Barbie's mansion and sports car, and then I would slowly whittle it down to a more realistic list. I don't think my parent's shopped much at Sears, but the catalog arrived at the house and I was ecstatic when it came.

I can also remember very boring summer days when my best friend Cyndie and I could not think of anything to play- so we would get out the Sears catalog and make Christmas lists in August!

I can also remember having very serious discussions with the neighborhood kids about exactly what constituted "bad behavior" and what would cause one to get coal in their stocking at Christmas time. We worried about it. We hashed it out. We argued about it. We collectively came up with the 7 deadly sins as sure ways to get coal...and cheating and lying...we were sure of it.

P.S. - another childhood memory - remember "follow the bouncing ball" in cartoons where you would sing along with the cartoon? The little ball would bounce on each word to sing. That is what was in my head when I wrote the title for this blog.

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Kathy2eggs said...

Your card is so adorable, that little girl is perfect......
Do I ever remember??? Oh yes..
My lists always included Barbie and I received one special gift set. I only had one Barbie, but I had so many of her clothes. Thank you Mom!! Thank you Sears!!