Thursday, December 4, 2008

What is it about snowmen that I love so much?

3" x 3" collage

It must be the child in me that loves Snowmen. Certainly not my adult self, as I no longer enjoy being freezing, wet and snow covered. But as a child, I loved-loved-loved being out in the snow! Remember being so cold that your feet itched when you finally came inside? And my fingers would be red and all pins and needles until they warmed up too.

Snowmen were high on the list of fun winter fun. And building snow forts and snow ball fights. My bother and I spent hours out in the snow. We would try to build igloos, making square snow bricks and piling them up. They usually caved once we started the in turn of the curve of the roof. But we kept trying!

Remember that wonderful feeling when you woke up to a foot of snow and school was cancelled? I would sit by the window and watch the snow and plot my entire day of playing in the snow. It was a heady experience to have an entire day of freedom! But before I went out in the snow, I would go watch Minute Mouse and Courageous Cat, Little Lulu, Felix the Cat and Mighty Mouse.

Snowmen and snow days - nothing quite like them!

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