Thursday, January 15, 2009

crafty sister

My sister will always be the first to say "Oh, I am not that artistic"...well I beg to differ!
The photo above is of the bed in my guest room. The pillow and the throw were both made by my "non-artistic" sister!
The pillow she designed herself-no pattern. She took images of my artwork and transferred them to fabric squares and then created the patchwork pillow. Each square of the pillow is artwork of mine! How cool is that?
The throw she crocheted many years ago. I love how they balance out on the bed! So much for non-artistic...not!


Kathy2eggs said...

Very nice of your sister, I'd love to see the pillow up close...
My sisters rarely give me anything handmade since I do so much myself. I don't know if they think they are competing or what. But I would love it anyway. I must tell them.

Kelly said...

I'm guessing Marie?