Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Sewing Queen assemblage doll

The Sewing Queen

I've finished another assemblage doll for a local boutique.

She loves to sew recklessly and she has a tiny little fabric addiction! Her arms are vintage wood spools of thread and beads. I made her hand out of polymer clay. She holds her scissors- ready to cut her fabric. Her belt is a vintage rhinestone ear ring and old lace. If you look closely, she is collaged with paper from an old sewing book.

Her head is an antique German doll head that I purchased directly from a man who excavates dolls parts from the grounds of abandoned doll factories in Germany. I love that this head was rescued and has a new life in an art doll.


Judy Streger said...

She's fabulous. I love this series of dolls that you are making.

Kathy2eggs said...

I think this is the best one yet...she's adorable..

Sandy Michelle said...

Wow I just love her! I'll keep you blog in my links! I'm so glad we share the same passion for German dolls :)

Sandy XOX