Friday, April 24, 2009

Photoshop - product backdrops

Today is the first day I found myself a teeny tiny weeny bit bored since I was laid off from my job of 17 years as a graphic designer. Once I realized that it was boredom, I asked myself: "What are the things you wished you had more time to do when you were working all those years?".
What immediately came to mind was leaning Photoshop. I mean REALLY learning it. I have used PS for 18 years (PS is about 19 years old). But I've always been way too busy to really dig into this amazing program. I know enough to get the jobs done that I needed to do over the years. I think I am pretty good, but there are just things it can do that I've never had the time or the need to learn.
Well, what a perfect time to learn! So I went to the library and got out a book and a DVD on Photoshop. I am using CS version. The current version is CS4, so it was important that the book and DVD match my version.
My first 'lesson'...I've created two fake ads or posters...what ever. The lesson learned: How to create a product backdrop. I used objects pulled out of photos I took (no backgrounds) and then went about creating the 'ad' look. A slick, classy ad you might see in a fashion or men's magazine. I like the purple one - I created a reflection that fades out and make it look like it is sitting on a table.

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Laura Pace said...

Good job. I like the look of purple one the best, also.The reflection, I suppose. I learned how to do that once, and now can't remember how! Guess I should dust off the books eh?!