Sunday, July 12, 2009

mermaid cloth doll

Mermaid Doll - created by doll artist Kathy Hoffer

Today I went to the North Jersey Art Doll monthly meeting in Ramsey NJ. I am a newbie cloth art doll maker, and am learning a whole lot at these meetings. It's also nice to get together with other art doll fans- sometimes it gets a little lonely creating by myself in my studio, so it's nice to see other artists. This meeting is led by Kathy Hoffer, art doll artist extraordinaire! She is a wonderful teacher, very giving of her skills and patient with newbies like me. Today she led us through the basics of cloth head sculpture using needle and thread. She even gave me one of her heads to take home as a reference- how lucky for me!
Kathy made this mermaid doll. The pictures do not do it justice. She is fantastic! The hair, believe it or not, is a hair scrunchy that she bought at the dollar store- talk about clever! Kathy really makes wonderful expressive faces, especially her eye painting. She even met with a portraiture painter to learn about light and shadow on a face to improve her cloth doll faces. Again, very clever of her.

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