Monday, July 13, 2009

working with poppies

watercolor using the cadmium colors-
cad yellow, cad red - both rather opaque

scanned painting altered in ps

I've been painting poppies. I read a great article in a watercolor magazine recently about artwork that really struck a chord. Basically it said that athletes and musicians do a lot of practicing to perfect their chosen field. Artists on the other hand, tend to think of each and every painting session as a means to an end- to sell the artwork. So true! The article went onto suggest that artists spend more time practicing...and less time thinking about selling art. It resonated with me. So I picked poppies as my focus and have been experimenting- acrylic and watercolors, all watercolors, digital, you name it.
The goal is to 1) become familiar with the different mediums and how they interact, 2) paint better poppies and 3) have fun!

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