Friday, September 25, 2009

home from the beach

We spent four days at the beach...really didn't get to the beach (literally) ...except when we first got there...I stuck my toes in the was so warm! I think the perfect time to go to the beach is September- the crowds are all gone...the water is WARM, the weather is balmy...and about 1/2 of the stores and restaurants are still open.

We are house hunting. We have narrowed our search to an area near Bethany Beach, DE. We want to be within 5 miles of the ocean. We visited a bunch of new communities being built. Most were absolutely community was nice, but they were villas (a fancy term now being used for townhouses) and they were tiny- so at least we were able to eliminate that community.

So much to think about! Do we want a house or a villa? Brand new or a nearly new? We are not the handy type, so no fixer-uppers for us.

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Hubby has friends who retired to Bethany Beach...looks like a beautiful place...good luck to you in the house search. But won't you miss those upstate NY winters? HA!!!!