Sunday, October 25, 2009

feeling a little lost in my art

You know that feeling that you will never make art again? That's how i am feeling and i am not sure why. It seems my muse went on vacation. I have been doing a lot of decorating (home) and maybe that is where the energy is going. But I haven't sat in my studio for weeks. Just not there. I know this will pass, but when? I don't like these fallow times. I know they are necessary, but that doesn't mean i have to like them.

And i forgot to post the final finish on my desk finish. I like how it turned out.
(I put the painting down below to hide the very white surge power strip and cord- it was all i saw when i looked at the desk against the dark wall and it was very distracting.)

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linda said...

I can totally relate...when I just can't seem to muster out anything in the studio. I think there are cycles for every artist, because you need time to recharge, to do others things. It'll come back when you are worries! Hang in there!