Sunday, December 27, 2009

I want to empty my studio...

The table in the middle of the room is piled
with reference photos from my last watercolor painting

floor creep - it's spreading!
I have to step over things to get to other things.
I don't like that.

all piled high

where am I supposed to work??
I've lost my work space to STUFF

watercolor papers and other stuff
I want my pretty table back!

I am so cramped in my studio...I find myself avoiding it lately. And I love my studio. It's just got too much STUFF in it. But I love all of the stuff. What's an artist to do?

It never fails- this time of year I get antsy and start major cleaning. Not sure what that's about, but I usually clean closets or organize cabinets. Yesterday I organized my spices. Today I organized recipes. I think I am working up to my studio.

I was sitting in my studio last night just looking and thinking about it. I think I need to rearrange some furniture. Do an ultra cleaning. Maybe consider eliminating SOME of the stuff. The stuff I have not used in maybe two years...or some 'rule' like that.

I see a bottle neck in one area and I think I want to move some things around. I am also thinking of giving away some items. I think what I might do is get a large box and put stuff in there that I just don't use anymore or never at all and give it away- to a local school or girl scout troop or group- maybe a woman's shelter. Some place where the stuff will be used.

Anyone have any ideas? Anyone have any helpful tips? I want to lighten the load. I want to streamline. I also want to make the space work better. Stay tuned...


Laura said...

As someone who has been reorganizing her studio for months, I wish you luck! (But then I go at it only when I am in that mode.)

The one suggestion I have, being the mother of an art teacher, is to ask a local school if their art teacher might want the supplies you are releasing into the wilds. They are very hard pressed for money for extras nowadays. I always let my daughter have first dibs on my stuff first, then give leftovers to a thrift store.

Kelly said...

Hey Chica!

If you're looking for a local school/classroom to donate your materials to, I know of one!! Perhaps the artist would like to make a guest appearance and lead us in a project??? We have a document camera and an interactive white board which makes it easy breezy!!

Happy Cleaning!