Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Take a brush in hand...

"Take a brush in hand and begin...
the work is complete when you have no more to say."
~ Rembrandt

Isn't that just like him? Not only is he one the best, but he said it the best. How utterly simple and true are his words. They ring true, even today.

I've taken my brush in hand...I've been having great fun experimenting with watercolor technique- getting out of my comfort zone and trying techniques that are not my usual style. I tend toward tight and realistic in my watercolor painting. I love it. I love the realism; I love the challenge to make my subject look real and present it in a believable way. But sometimes I wish for a more spontaneous looser look and so that's what I am exploring. (hum: "I gotta be free")

As the basis of my digging for spontaneous treasure, I am using a really good book I got out of my local library. (side note: I think public libraries are one of the greatest institutions we have)

The book I am using and highly recommend for watercolor exploration (dare I say expedition- as I feel I am on one) is "Exploring Watercolor- creative exercises and techniques for watercolor and mixed media", by Elizabeth Groves. I could not find a website for her.
As it is midnight now, I'll end here and post some of my in-process-exploring tomorrow. Sweet dreams and don't let the bed bugs bite. (eeeewww - what a horrible thought!)

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