Tuesday, March 9, 2010

coming home soon...

apple blossoms 4" x 6"
watercolor on 140# paper

I am still in Virginia and will be heading home this Friday. Days flow together when you are taking care of a family member. What is easy when we are well becomes much harder when we are not well - like a shower or a doctor visit. Little tasks tend to define and punctuate the days. We can pretty much do one "big" task a day- like the aforementioned shower and doctor trip. Scrabble and television are our entertainment.

I am taking the train home and I look forward to the ride! I'll be returning back here in two weeks after I get home. Being a new fan of train travel, I'll most likely use it again. It is so much easier than driving or flying!


Calico Paint said...

been there, done that (although in West (By God) Virginia, so I can empathize. Hurry home. Love the apple blossom painting. Can't wait for Spring!

Anonymous said...
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