Wednesday, March 3, 2010

traveling on a train

Traveling by train is an experience I will surely do again. I like the ease of it. I like the fact that I am not driving; there is a rest room on one end and a café snack car at the other end of this train car. I can get up and get a cup of coffee or go to the ladies room and we are still moving. A train is much like an airplane, but much cheaper, much easier and just a more pleasant all-around experience.

I used to love flying until 9-11. Since then, all the fun went out of flying. Now it’s all serious business in flying. No more flying the friendly skies, because the friendliness was bombed right out of it. But not trains. Trains don’t seem to be on the terrorist’s hit list in the US yet. I hope it stays that way. Maybe it’s a false sense of security, but I feel safer on this train than an airplane.

The other great thing about a train- the train station is less than a mile from my house and when I get on that train, I can then go to NYC and get a connection to just about anywhere else I need to go.

I packed my suitcase, grabbed my purse and laptop and here I am. It all seems so much simpler than flying and driving. Flying now takes tremendous amounts of time, is expensive, and generally a real pain. I don’t like removing my shoes, being frisked, and having my suitcase opened up by strangers and inspected. I completely understand that it is all necessary to do and I support their efforts to be safer, but I sure don’t like it.
I can’t get lost on a train like I can in a car. I just get on the train and go. Perhaps there is a connection to make, but it’s all pretty easy to navigate. There is free wifi in the Amtrak waiting area of Penn Station in NYC. All in all, trains are a great way to go!

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