Wednesday, November 17, 2010

a second face today

I like how this one turned out better than the other one I posted. I think I got the proportions better in this one. I could draw the human face all just intrigues me!

And the "just start" message is to me...I've neglected exercising and it shows in my blood work that I just got back today. I hurt my leg awhile ago and just stopped exercising because of the pain- and now I am paying for it! So...I'll start up on my stepper machine starting tomorrow- if the leg still hurts too much to step I will address it and go to the doctors instead of ignoring it and not exercising. That is a promise to myself.


Ophelia said...

What an awesome journal page...and a very timely message for me!!! Thanks for sharing this!


eBeth, the portrait class I am taking online with Pam is no longer offered. I wish I knew where to direct you for another, but I don't know of any. Your portrait looks good...I know it'll be a while before I am satisfied with the ones I create. Lots of practice is in order for me, I guess :)

Curious Art said...

"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it..." one of my favorite Goethe quotes. A beautiful beginning, way to go!