Sunday, November 7, 2010

travel journal

Each time I take a trip I usually keep a diary/journal of the trip. I love doing this, as years later when I read what I wrote again, it all comes back. It's as if I just took the trip. My latest trip to the south with my sisters will be a combo diary and art journal. I just completed the cover- I collaged maps and images of the areas we visited on the cover along with a painting I did in the middle of the hanging moss on a tree in Savannah. Looking forward to some fun art making with this journal!

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Curious Art said...

Lovely! I always intend to make a travel journal when I travel, but somehow it never really happens. One of these days, I hope!

Glad I could help with the collage tips-- feel free to ask questions as you play with the new media-- I've been messing around with this stuff for a while now & always happy to share my discoveries.