Friday, November 12, 2010

working on my travel journal

I like how this page is coming along. First I painted a page of my travel journal with gesso. Once dry I added several layers of acrylic paint, letting layers dry between application. Then I added a photo transfer by printing out the photo onto clear transparency film and transferred it to the page using gel medium. The second image is one where I ran the image through a filter in Photo Shop.

The image is of an old metal fence that my sisters and I found at an abandoned graveyard on St. Helena's Island, SC. Inside this fence, underneath the leaves and the dirt my sister found the grave of one of our ancestors, Benjamin Chaplin who died in 1851. We were specifically hunting for his grave and we were very excited when we found it! The church was called "White's Ease Church" and it burned by a forest fire in 1888. Only the remains of the tabby walls and the old gravestones (and this fence) remain. It felt like we were on a mystery hunt and the little girl in me was both entranced and scared to be grave hunting in the middle of no where!

Now I need a good quote for the image. I am thinking about travel, family, roots...anyone have any good quotes that would fit?


Karen Wallace said...

Hello. I have really enjoyed looking through your posts. I also do collage and mixed media. Warmly, karen

MB Shaw said...

Here is a neat quote:
“Other things may change us, but we start and end with family”
-Anthony Brandt (I have no idea who he is, lol)
I love the image you have created though.

MB Shaw said...

Oh yippee, I am so glad the quote resonated with your :)