Monday, June 6, 2011

Art Doll play date and Show-n-tell

Online, I recently "met" a local (to me) art doll maker, Lillian Alberti, and today we met at her house for a wonderful 'doll play date'. Another doll maker, Colleen Colquhoun from NJ also came and we shared our art dolls, tea, yummy goodies and laughter. It was so nice to meet a local art doll maker! Colleen I've met before, and it was one of those small world things that Lillian and I both knew her. But, the art doll world is, I am finding out, a little small.

Anyway, the dolls that Lillian and Colleen make are AMAZING! I am a new to clay doll making and it is SO inspiring to see such beautiful work. I've posted some pictures of the day and the fantastic dolls. I hope you are as inspired as I am from these dolls! Pictures just do not do them justice!

Colleen, Lillian and me

Lillian's "Little Bo Peep"

And Bo Peeps lost sheep (who hides in her skirt!)

Colleen's paper charms for her dolls

Colleen's Rabbit Doll

Colleen's Rabbit Art Doll


Sherry Smyth said...

Sounds like a lovely get together and such beautiful art! I love that the sheep hides under Bo Peep's skirt!

Diane said...

LOVE these!!such talent!!

Kelly said...

I continue to be amazed... it is astounding what we find when we just follow our dreams? hearts? talents? I'm not sure which, quite possibly all, but I do know that you continue to evolve as an artist and to expand your world with each step. Kudos!! Gorgeous work!