Wednesday, June 8, 2011

painted my first paper clay doll

she doesn't look dirty in real life- just in the picture.

not sure why!

I am loving this paper clay! I finished painting my first doll. I decided to put a crackle glaze as the final coat to give her a vintage look. I really like how she came out. Now to dress her. I am thinking of a shabby angel look. So that means WINGS! many choices....I've never made wings for a doll before. I think I see some serious YouTube searching in my immediate future looking for ways to make doll wings. Isn't the Internet great that way? Think of it and some one has a 'how to' on You Tube. What did we do before the Internet?

Her hair is natural Tibetan lamb. I bought a pelt of it and snip off small bits and glued them onto her head as a wig. Again, my first time doing this. But I am happy how she is turning out.

And on another note- my doll buddies and I are starting mermaids...mine will be cloth and clay. I've started on the cloth- I made the cloth using strips of ripped, torn and dyed ribbon, yarn and such to make a very shabby piece of cloth- I love how it turned out. I'll post it soon. Yesterday I met with them and Heather gave me a lesson on free motion sewing/quilting. I've done a tiny bit, but she gave me her best ideas- like layering fabrics that are sheer and with some glitz and then free motion over it- the final piece is so cool! Each fabric adds something and the finished piece is the 'best' from each- to make one luscious piece of fabric!


Heather Elizabeth Brauner said...

Your Doll is freakin cute I love her eyes ,the crackle came out fantastic ! I'm going to try the strips of fabric and lace thing you did is a cool piece of fabric you created. see you soon Heather

gonzo39 said...

Wow your doll is really kind of...weird lol! It does look very cool though I must say. Great blog, really enjoyed reading it. Have bookmarked you and will check back regular. Please feel free to take a look at my blogs...

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pussman and co said...

love her