Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Crafting get togethers are great!

Yesterday I was not feeling the love. I never really woke up and was dragging my butt. I almost didn't go to Susan's house for our craft get together. But I dragged myself out and it was great! I am so glad I went! We worked on tiny charms for our mermaid dolls. Susan has about 4,367 punches. (I am not kidding.) One of them is of this cute starfish, two different sizes of seahorses and rubber stamp scallop shells. Since we are all currently working on a mermaid doll, we made these ocean themed tiny charms for our mermaids.

Only in retirement do I have the luxury of time to spend an entire day making 8 charms...lol
We made them out of paper - Sue punched out back-to-back pairs on textured wallpaper. On the starfish we stuffed it to give it some dimension. Then we added ink to color and age them. Then came Triple Thick and glass glitter. Once that dried we added UV resin and popped them under a UV light for a time to harden.

For the scallop shells we used polymer clay and shined them up with Perfect Pearls and baked them. I made 4 and I will attach them to make pairs and add a pearl inside each one.

I envision the charms will be added to my mermaid's body or hang them on ribbons and such.

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Kelly said...

I'm so jealous...I want to be retired!!! Until then, I will have to embrace summer (for which I am eternally grateful!)