Sunday, June 19, 2011

best seller at my etsy shop...

This little item has become a 'bestseller' over at my etsy site. Over the years I have managed to collect a ridiculous number of old book for my collage work. I mean I decided to put together 10 pages and sell them as ephemera packs.

Well, they really sell. I always put a nice variety of pages in the set...french text from an 1801 book, German text from the 1900's, algebra page from the 1850's...all the way up to the 70's with a wonderful sewing book I have. I make them in sets, usually of 5 or 6, and each set is identical. I also add a little pretty on each, usually with a bit of glitter.

I really enjoy selling these, wondering how they will be used. This is the last one of my current series, 1 - 4 have already sold. I'll soon be making a new set for sale.


Teri C said...

You have hit on an unique gift. It is very creative.

Curious Art said...

That is so clever! I'd thought about selling some of my crazy book/ephemera collection (to make room/$ for more, of course!) but it never occurred to me to make up sample packs. I imagine it takes a good while to choose, assemble & decorate them all though-- they're a bargain at that price for sure.

What a brilliant way to prune the stash!